Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Internet Down

All Internet services are temporarily down. ITS will address this issue first thing tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a sophomore at UDM and I have not been able to go online in my dorm room since 6pm on MONDAY. It is now 10pm on WEDNESDAY. That is a signficant problem. I use the internet everyday for school as well as leisure, however this week is midterms and I can not use my own convienent. I ask myself why do I go to a school that can not handle to keep a server up. Please, allocate the bandwith properly. As a student it is SOOO disappointing and VERY detrimental to be unable to access a service I pay so much for.


UDM-ITS said...

E. Penabaker, please contact the helpdesk at x1500 tomorrow morning or submit a ticket into the system and someone on the staff will follow up with you. Before you do that, it would be good to test to see if you can get to inside sites such as or If you can, then your getting past 1st base...if you can't, it'll help the helpdesk staff in diagnosing your situation. No need to wait as long as you have next time. The helpdesk is available to assist.