Monday, October 24, 2011

Employee Listserver Failing to Reach All

The employee listserv appears to be failing delivery to all intended recipients. ITS is investigating why. ITS recommends postings to the employee list submit their events to MPA's Campus Connection to reach all until this is resolved.


Anonymous said...

So how do we know if we're missing important e-mails? And when this is resolved, will any missing e-mails show up?

UDM-ITS said...

This was resolved earlier today. Unfortunately, you will not know what you did not receive. What you can do is view the archive for each list that you are on (once logged into the listserver) and review the messages sent over the past few days. Use the public view of the list. Please note your login credentials are different than your TC credentials. If you don't know your password you can use the send a reminder feature to e-mail your password to your account.