Saturday, January 19, 2013

Banner Database Upgrade Complete

The upgrade is now complete.  Access to TitanConnect INB and TitanConnect Self Service is now available.


Anonymous said...

What type of "Upgrades" where there, Should INB users be aware of any specific changes?

UDM-ITS said...

Before the upgrade, there was an E-mail sent to all UDM Employees and Students. TitanConnect INB users are only Employees and mostly central office Employees. TitanConnect Self Service Users are both Employees and Students.

This upgrade was to the Oracle database directly and was required for UDM to stay current. There were NO changes to the functionality of any of the programs or screens used in either TitanConnect INB or TitanConnect Self Service, but we encourage the reporting of any problems in any of these areas to our Help Desk.

So far we have not encountered any problems directly related to the upgrade.

Ken Palazzolo
Director of Enterprise Information Systems