Friday, June 07, 2013

TitanConnect Service Outage

TitanConnect services are experiencing an unplanned service outage and are currently unavailable.  Our team is aware of the issue and have found this to be the cause of a power issue.  They are currently working to resolve.

Update : 4:35 p.m.  Services have been restored.  


Denise Daniel, Financial Aid-Law said...

I can get into e-mail, but I can't send it so it looks like it's still having problems

Anonymous said...

Denise, what error message are you receiving?

Julie said...

I can't access email right now. I can get on the TC home page and the email window opens but it is blank.

I am out of town at a conference right now and I desperately need to access email!! Please help.


UDM-ITS said...

Julie, sometimes places block various ports for access and this may prevent the email portion from displaying. You can try to access it from another source or you can share your email address on this blog or email it from another account to and we can provide an alternative method that may get you in.

Julie said...

I've just sent my email address to the help desk.

Thanks for your help!!

Cheryl said...

IS ODS down as well? received an error message a few minutes ago

Anonymous said...

ODS was down but brought back up around 2:00 pm today.

Anonymous said...

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