Thursday, April 24, 2014

Power Outage 4/26/14 - IT Services Down

Please be advised that due to the scheduled McNichols Campus power outage various IT services will go offline.



The Law and Dental professional schools will be able to use the wireless and internet on their campuses however, access to services hosted at the McNichols campus will be down.  These services include but are not limited to TitanConnect, Banner, Blackboard, WWW.  Card access will remain online and available but someone with a newly issued card (within the past few days) may experience some access issues.




Access from the McAuley Health Care center will be down during this time as well.



McNichols and Core Services

All production environments will be taken down on Saturday at 6:00 am.  If you discover you are still able to access services after that point in time, please note the services eventually be taken down.  This will include TitanConnect, Exchange, Banner, WWW, Cascade, all WIFI and all internet services.


For McNichols employees, all non-production environments will be taken offline as early as Friday, April 25, 2014 at 12:00 pm. 


Also, all podiums in the C&F building will be brought offline Friday, April 25 at 1:00 pm as well.



Restoring Services

We have been informed power to the ITS data center will be restored around 10:30 am though, this is not a guaranteed time.  Once power is made available to the ITS data center, priority production services will be brought online.  It will take around three hours to complete the power up of these services.


Non-production services will be brought online on Monday before 12:00 pm.


CF podiums will be brought online Monday before 10:00 am.




ITS will provide IT related updates to our outage blog which is located at:  If you have further questions during the outage, please post them into the comments section of the blog.





UDM-ITS said...

ITS still awaiting power to go down. Delays on the Facilities side and something in Chemistry have been holding this up. Up time will be delayed due to this.

UDM-ITS said...

Power has now been turned off and turned back on in the ITS server room. Server start ups are beginning to occur. Please remember it could take up to 3 hours (until 2:00 pm) for production solutions to come online and tomorrow by noon all the non-production servers should be back online.

UDM-ITS said...

Briggs, Arch and Chem have extended power outages per Facilities. IT in these buildings will come online Monday at 8:30 am.

UDM-ITS said...

Issue with email server coming online. Vendor has been called and expected to be onsite within 60 minutes. No ETA on email at this point.

UDM-ITS said...

Vendor on site attempting to resolve email issue

UDM-ITS said...

They are continuing the effort. Please hang tight.

UDM-ITS said...

The vendor has gone to pick up parts in Troy and will be back shortly. The problem is not a bad one, it should be just a matter of time for the parts to arrive.

UDM-ITS said...

Vendor has replaced parts. System back online. Mail is now processing through at this time. Email is now back online at the University.