Tuesday, May 06, 2014

IT Services Related to the 5/7/14 McNichols DTE Scheduled Power Outage

Due to the scheduled DTE power outage scheduled for early tomorrow morning, various IT services will be unavailable starting as early as 5:00 pm today.


Blackboard and TitanConnect will come offline sometime after midnight.


Once ITS is re-energized with power (estimated to be 7:30 am), services will be brought back online.  Critical services will be brought up as quickly as possible and it may take some services up to 4 hours to be brought back fully online.


IT related updates will be posted to our external blog located at http://udm-its.blogspot.com.





UDM-ITS said...

Systems are now starting to come down.

UDM-ITS said...

Outage about 30 min behind already.

UDM-ITS said...

Power just turned off and now back on. Startup procedures now begin. Services will start to come online soon.

UDM-ITS said...

AV office delivery delayed. No access to building for awhile.

UDM-ITS said...

All systems were operational as of 11:00 am.