Thursday, December 17, 2015

Office 365 channel/link missing on TC Home page

Some users may no longer see the Office 365 channel on the Titan Connect home page. 

To restore the channel please do the following:

Locate the "Content Layout" link.  This can be found in the upper, left hand corner.

Click on it.

The Manage Content/Layout page will open.  Locate the "Revert to default layout" link and click on it.

This will restore your TC portal to the default settings.  You can now click on "Back to TC Home Tab"

You should now see the Office 365 channel.

Should the above steps fail to restore the channel, please clear your browsers cache, close down the browser completely and then relaunch.

As always, you can call the HelpDesk at 313-993-1500 if you require any further assistance.

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