Tuesday, August 09, 2016

UPDATED - New Email Threat

UPDATE: Our team has found that a handful of accounts have been compromised.  We are working to resolve the issue but until then those accounts have been locked down.  At this time there is not ETA available.  Please check back here for updates as they will be posted as they are made available.


If you receive the email shown below, please drag and drop it into your "Junk Email".  Because it was sent from what appears to be a UDM email account, simply trying to delete or block the sender will not work.

The UDM ITS Help Desk

1 comment:

Abed Yakan said...

Dear responsible,

My email: /Yakanab@udmercy.edu/ has been locked!
I think that a "New Email Threat" caused this problem.
Would you please solve this problem.
Abed Yakan.