Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Phishing Email - Do Not Open, Do Click On Enclosed Link

If you receive the below email, be aware that it is not an official communication from the University's ITS Dept.  It is a phishing scam and should be deleted.  As well the link within the email is not associated with the University.  Should you have any questions please contact the Help Desk at 313-993-1500.


Chris Rankin said...


I am from Ontario, Canada and do not attend this institution. But I have today received 2 emails from with a similar phishing scam.

It stated that I made a purchase for a game/app using my Paypal account and that I have 7 days to cancel it to get my money back. The thing is, I don't have a Paypal account, so I know it is a phishing scam... Additionally, it has random emails, like and it is does not have any company or contact information at the bottom of the email, like all official company/organizational emails do.

Please be aware of this scam as well. Delete the email and do not open the link.

Anonymous said...

Chris, that appears to be a spoofed email address. Suggest deleting the message.