Sunday, November 12, 2006

Student E-Mail Server Upgrade Complete

First off, we apologize for the lengthy delay in getting the e-mail system back up for students. The process took a lot longer than our original projections but was absolutely necessary to complete to avoid expected major hardware failure at an unpredictable period of time. A failure after this weekend would clearly impact students dealing with the end-of-term issues.

A message has been sent to all faculty so they know that there was an issue with this method of communication.

The upgrade has placed the student e-mail system on a new server with a significant amount of disk space.

ITS has upgraded all accounts to a 25Meg quota. This was long overdue.

Over 14000 accounts were transitioned and converted onto the new server. Approximately 36 had technical issues that ITS is in the process of resolving. If you encounter problems accessing your account, you may be one of the 36. We are continuing to work through the night to address these remaining accounts.

You should know that every message will appear as if it has yet to be read. This is true even for messages that had already been read.

You may also discover that you may need to make adjustments to your settings for the display of the messages. By default, the messages may not display in the same order you had previously view them in.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Helpdesk at 313.993.1500 or If you have complaints regarding the outage, please send those to the helpdesk as well and ITS will follow up with you.


Anonymous said...

Are others who are running their UDM email through Outlook Express having problems with access through server?

Is this being worked on? Is there an estimate of time as to when this should be fixed and addressed?


Anonymous said...

What is the statuts of the e-mail now?? My email is not working... Why is this?

UDM-ITS said...

Regarding POP3. Please report this to the Helpdesk via I don't believe this issue has been raised today and getting a ticket into the system will get it on ITS's list to fix.

UDM-ITS said...

Regarding the person with the e-mail account not working, please contact the Helpdesk as well either online by e-mail, helpdesk system or voice. There are 36 accounts of the 14000 that had issues and are still under work. If your account is one of those, they will let you know. If it is not, please give them the details of your inability to access your account and they will assist you or pass along your info to the 2nd level helpdesk staff.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one that had the problem with the POP3 account problem. It appears to have resolved itself, however if I have more problems I will report it via the helpdesk.

Thank you everyone for getting this well needed job done.

Where do the law students go to advise about the connection problems since the beginning of the school year?


UDM-ITS said...

For Law, see Munir Daw...he's somewhere on the 2nd floor.

The dup IP issue is a know issue. You can try from a DOS command prompt,

ipconfig /release

and then enter

ipconfig /renew

to establish a good IP connection for access (if that's the issue). If its just a slowness item, let us know.