Saturday, November 11, 2006

Update on the Student Email Upgrade as of 11/11 7:28 pm...

Due to some access and quota issues users have encountered over the past several weeks, ITS had sustained usage of the student email system until a convenient time came when we could upgrade the solution. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach a convienent time and had to make this weekend. The upgrade is a fairly significant one that involves an internal conversion of all messages from one format to another. For users, you may notice all of your messages will appear as "unread", even those that had been previously accessed. This is a known result of the upgrade process.

At the completion of this process, we anticipate a much more stable email solution with a significant quota increase and expansion capability to accomodate several years of usage.

We are moving the e-mail solution from a Pentium III dual processor with 80G of disk space solution to a Pentium 4 dual processor with 300G of disk space solution.

If you have the need to reach your professor, please know that the e-mail domain is up and running. Faculty may be e-mailed from non-udm accounts at this time.

Based on the first 3 hours of processing, we anticipate this process will run into Sunday. Please check back here for further updates or

Your patience during this time is appreciated. If you have specific questions, please e-mail or post a message on the blog. ITS is monitoring both during this time.


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