Monday, December 08, 2014

Major Upgrade to the TitanConnect Reporting Database System

The data loads are continuing, with the Student load running through the evening and then the Finance load starting right after that.  We will inform people as each system becomes available.

12/09/14 - There have been issues with the loading of Finance data to the ODS. At this time there is no ET for the resolutions. Once an assessment of the issues are completed more posts will be forth coming.

14:30 status
Finance data load is progressing.

Reviewing possible performance enhancements as the loads are running slowly.

18:25 status
Finance data is still loading - working with vendor support for solutions.


3:00 status -  Financial data load has completed
 Note:  MFT_FUND_HIERARCHY_FISCAL error during load, and trouble ticket is open.

6:42 status - General data load has completed
Human resources has started.

10:00 - ODS Prod access to Discoverer has been restored
NOTE: DATA HAS ONLY BEEN PARTIALLY LOADED but reporting on Student and Finance is available.

14:10 - HR data has loaded
THE DATABASE WILL NOW BE TAKEN OFF LINE to apply performance and patch fixes.

15:40 - The patches have been applied. The MFT_FUND_HIERARCHY_FISCAL which failed during the Financial data load is being rerun.


7:00 - Financial Aid is Loading - should be completed before noon
This is the last data load.

10:50 - Financial Aid data is loaded.

4:00 p.m. - All data has been loaded and is now available for reporting.  Be cautious and check out the data.  Some load issues have been reported with Student and Finance and are being addressed as ITS is informed.

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